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Revealed: Former Qatari ambassador to Canada leads push to defame Saudi

Qatar uses intelligence to attract terrorist leaders - Saudi officials

Saudi Arabia and Canada are currently locked in a diplomatic spat over human rights, with both countries refusing to back down despite a breakdown in future trade deals, suspended passenger flights and a flurry of other sanctions.
But the Canadian double-standards, according to commentators, is the root cause of the ongoing standoff.
They argue that Canada has turning a blind eye to the atrocities being committed on a daily basis by Iran and its militias in Syria and Iraq.
"Millions of Sunnis have been butchered at the hands of the Iranian militias in Iraq and Syria, with Canada standing idly by. It seems Ottawa is hatching a plot in cahoots with Qatar to hinder the efforts of Saudi Arabia to defend the Sunnis," commentators said.
"Canada's siding with Qatar and Iran will make it end up on the losing side," they added.
According to those observers, former Qatari ambassador to Canada Fahd Kavod is the spearhead of this controversy. They say he incited Canadian foreign minister to issue a stinging statement against Saudi Arabia.
Qatari scheme
Sources said the Qatari regime is prime perpetrator of that standoff, citing Hamdeen Organization's siding with Canada against Saudi Arabia.
Qatar issued a statement denouncing the GCC chief's statement which decried the Canadian move.
The Qatari Foreign Ministry quoted an official source in the ministry as saying that his country was surprised by statements made by the Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Abdullatif Al-Zayani, on the current diplomatic crisis between Saudi Arabia and Canada.
The source added that Qatar and Canada have a strong relationship for decades and stressed the need to protect the right of countries and international organizations to express their views, especially when it comes to violations of human rights and freedom of expression.
"Saudi Arabia is standing in the face of the Qatari schemes in the region. So Qatar seizes every occasion to conspire against Saudi," they asserted, as they cited the Qatari statement.
The Qatari statement has faced harsh criticism by activists and social media users. The online community unleashed anger on Doha, citing the contradiction and double-standards when it comes to tackling the human rights' issues.
On his part, Sheikh Sultan Bin Shaim, a Qatari oppositionist, lashed out at the Qatari regime. In a Twitter post, he wrote:"While our grand sisterly country, in reference to Saudi Arabia, is maintaining its sovereignty through expelling the Canadian ambassador, the Iranian regime is bowing to Mullahs, allowing them to violate Doha's sovereignty."
"When will learn you how to protect your sovereignty?" the Qatari royal family member who is opposed to the policies of Hamdeen Organization reiterated.
In another tweet, he accused Qatar of backing terrorism. "They know nothing about sovereignty but backing terrorism and interference in the affairs of other countries."
"They, the Qatari regime, are meddling in the affairs of regional countries. But they allow the Iranians to violate it," the Qatari Sheikh went on to say.
Commenting on the Qatari statement siding with Canada, Emirati columnist Ali Al-Nuaimi said:"What you did is not strange given your record in this regard. You don’t believe in sovereignty. And your sovereignty is violated by Iran and the terror groups."
On the Qatari scheme, Saudi activist Mansur al-Khamis said that the Qatari ambassador to Canada Fahd Kavud has a strong ties with the Canadian minister of immigration Ahmed Hassan, who has Somali origins.
He said the Qatari regime exploited its relations with the minister to block some asylum-seeking applications filed by Qatari citizens.
Seconding al-Khamis's revelations, editor in chief of Kuwait's Al-Saiasa newspaper Ahmed al-Jarallah said the Canadian immigration minister is the engineer of the Canadian propaganda against Saudi Arabia. And the Qatari ambassador, of Iranian origins, aided him in how to manage this smearing campaign.
Other commentators cited the horrendous record of Doha regime on human rights. "Qatari regime has revoked citizenship of 5,000 citizens including men, women and elderly."