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‘Iran on the brink. Iranians are turning the heat up the Mullahs.’

The Iranian regime is facing a gloomy reality as the state is being hit severely at home and abroad. Protests demanding better situation for the people living in poverty are on the rise. 
Mullahs' also have another choking problem: the deteriorating national currency and the plummeting economic indications. 
Experts, who have repeatedly reiterated this assertion in previous reports, said the Iranian regime is near the verge of collapse, citing the poor performance of the economy, rising popular discontent, increasing isolation and global determination to end the Iranian terror. 
They likened what is happened now to the last days in the Shah era. But they said Mullahs at that time were working actively at home and abroad to stir chaos. 
"Now, there is real anger, real failure and real deterioration," they said, as they spoke to The Baghdad Post. 
 This comes as Washington is stepping up pressure on Iran on Monday, forging ahead with the reimposition of economic sanctions as the Islamic regime faces widespread social unrest.
President Donald Trump confirmed he would reinstate a series of tough sanctions on Tehran that were waived as part of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, from which he withdrew in May.
The sanctions, which take effect on Tuesday, prohibit Iran from using US currency. They also bar trading in cars and metals and minerals that include gold, steel, coal and aluminium. Iran will also be barred from buying US and European aircraft.
Also, mass protests have continued across Iran for the sixth straight day, with reports one protester had been killed.
Protests were held in the cities of Arak, Isfahan, Karaj and Shiraz, as people — in numbers ranging in the hundreds, perhaps more — took to the streets, chanting slogans like “death to high prices,” but also criticizing top officials. 
A smaller protest was held in Tehran, where some people were arrested, according to videos taken at the scene. In the capital, people took to the streets in other areas such as Daneshjo Park, downtown, Kareger Street, Amirabad Street, and south of Tehran.
As a sign of their anathema to the strict Islamic rule in Tehran, protesters set fire to a statue of one of the Messenger's companions named Salman al-Faresi. It cost about two billion rials and it was the first statue for this Prophet's companion in Iran.
Citing these developments, commentators said the Iranian regime is going through its toughest time ever. They cited the US sanctions that will take effect as of Tuesday. 
This comes after the US president walked away from the nuke deal last May 8. He always branded the deal as 'the worst ever'. He said the regime benefits from it to spread terror regionally and globally. 
Since then, the Iranian economy had been heading downwards, with the currency losing more than half of its value on both markets, the regular and parallel one. 
The Iranian Toman has deteriorated to the extent that a single US dollar is as equal as 100400 Tomans.  
Also, the US State Secretary Mike Pompeo said Washington wants the Iranian people to have the right to choose its leadership. 
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