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No alliances formed with lists opposing political majority system, MP

Alia Nassif, an MP from the State of the Law bloc

State of Law Coalition rejected forming any alliances with the lists opposing the political majority system.


Alia Nassif, an MP from the State of the Law bloc, confirmed on Sunday that most of the political leaders, who are currently holding talks and dialogues, have announced their intention to change the governing mechanism and giving up the sectarian quotas system.

Nassif added that a number of political powers are attempting to join the current lists of the State of Law Coalition, headed by Nouri al-Maliki and Iran-backed Hadi al-Amiri's al-Fatah Coalition.


She added the lists adopt an integrated political program and stipulate that no candidates would be nominated to the prime minister's post without prior approval of partners.


The Lawmaker added that the State of Law Coalition rejects forming alliances with any political bloc that reject the political majority system in the coming government.

Last Modified: Sunday، 05 August 2018 10:56 AM