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Video: Iranians protest Mullahs' intervention in neighbors' affairs

A protest in Iran (archive)


Iranian protesters have staged a new demonstration calling the Mullah's regime to stop interfering in the affairs of neighboring countries and paying attention to the country's domestic crises, a video obtained by the Baghdad Post showed Thursday.


The video showed dozens of demonstrators in the capital Tehran chanting, "No intervention in Gaza or Lebanon; we sacrifice only for Iran".

#إيران : المتظاهرون في #طهران يهتفون : "لا غزة لا لبنان روحي فداء لإيران"



Iran has deployed hundreds of terror militias in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and other countries in the region. 


Recently, sweeping protests hit Iran's major cities including the capital Tehran over the corruption of clerical rule and poor basic services. 


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