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Salahuddin council calls on PM to oust armed factions from province

Haider Abadi

Salahuddin provincial council called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to drive armed factions out of the province, in order to maintain public peace.


In press statements, Head of the council Ahmed Al-Karem commented on the killing of three key leaders of al-Khazraj tribe, saying that the presence of armed factions inside the cities of the province creates successive crises that are difficult to overcome.


He stressed the need to limit the weapons in the province to the state to avoid deterioration of the security situation.


In addition, he underlined the security situation will not be stabilized as long as there are those who defy the state with their weapons.


The province needs a strong state that safeguards its security and not armed groups working for its own agendas, he said.


He underscored that the government must tighten its grip on the armed factions and deprives them of tools to threaten the peace in the community.

Last Modified: Thursday، 02 August 2018 01:53 PM