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Security forces take down tents of protesters in Basra

Security forces demolish tents of protesters in Basra

Security forces on Tuesday took down the tents of the protesters in front of the Basra provincial, a local source told The Baghdad Post.

Protesters installed their tents in front of the Provincial Council of Nineveh governorate earlier on the day in a protest against the lack of services and unemployment.

Protesters demanded the council to complete the Basra dam and al-Faw al-Kabir (Al-Faw Port) project.

They also demanded jobs for unemployed people and the release of detained protesters.

The protests coordination committee in Basra announced earlier on Tuesday that the protest in front of Basra provincial council might be turned into an open sit-in in case the government didn't find appropriate solutions for the suffering of citizens.


Southern Iraqi provinces are witnessing sweeping protests against the deterioration of services and corruption.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 31 July 2018 07:53 PM