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Khamenei deceives Iranians…"There will not be war with U.S."

Khamenei  deceives Iranians…"There will not be war with U.S."

Recent remarks made by the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi, in which he said"There will be no war with America, but U.S. President Trump's hostile policies will continue against Iran", have aroused a wave ridicules reactions in social media outlets.  

 Activists described such statements as an attempt to falsely reassure the Iranian people, who are in panic over the collapse of currency and the U.S. sanctions, scheduled to be enforced starting August 7.

Observers said that Iran's claims that there will not be war against the U.S. confirm that the mullahs' regime is in coma.

Absent-minded Mullahs  

Speaking on Monday, Qassemi dismissed “media speculation” that Iran may hold talks with the US amid rising tensions.

 “The US has proved to be untrustworthy and a non-reliable partner for any job,” the spokesman added.

Asked about the fear of a military confrontation between Iran and the US, Qassemi ruled out the possibility of any war, but predicted that the US administration’s hostile policies would go on.

The Iranian nation will thwart Donald Trump’s plots and emerge victorious in such a battle, he added.

U.S. sanctions

In the same series of deception, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif has accused the US of an "addiction" to imposing sanctions on other countries, in the latest tit-for-tat exchange between the two countries.

The fallout centers on the renewed US embargo on the Islamic Republic, which has sent Iran's economy spiralling into chaos. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif described US officials as "addicted to sanctions" and said that Iran would prove to America that it must stop this "addiction" - to the extent of its delusions - Zarif said in a meeting with ambassadors and economic activists.


"The Americans are sanctions addicts, and the addiction has prevented them, even in Obama['s] terms of office, from complying with their obligations," Zarif was quoted as saying.

Zarif made his remarks the same day that the Iranian currency plummeted to record lows, on Sunday sitting at around 100,000 rials to the dollar.
The Iranian foreign minister stressed that Tehran is in a better position, especially after the announcement of many European countries to stand by its side, meaning the Iranian nuclear deal.

 Observers described both Zarif's and Qassemi's statements as an attempt to keep the internal situation calm, but the truth known by everyone whether inside or outside is that war against Tehran 'imminent', noting that foolish actions of Iranian militias will make it more and more sooner that it is expected.

For the moment, it appears that the Trump administration strategy is to step up economic pressure and propaganda against Iran, while reaching out to internal opponents of the regime and perhaps providing covert support at some point, if it is not doing so already.


Even short of direct military action, this approach is both incoherent and dangerous. Squeezing Iran’s economy is likely to raise gas prices in the United States, and the Trump administration’s trade war against the very countries it needs to help isolate Iran economically does not offer great hopes for success on that front. But when economic pressure and indirect action don’t have the desired effect.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 01 August 2018 12:29 AM