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MP: No room to talk about alliances unless manual recount is complete

Iraqi lawmaker with the National Wisdom Movement (NWM), Habib al-Tarfi

Iraqi lawmaker with the National Wisdom Movement (NWM), Habib al-Tarfi said that there is no room to talk about forming alliances until completing the manual recount of votes by the High Electoral Commission (HEC).


Tarfi added that it will be nonsense to form alliances upon uncompleted actions.

He pointed out that talks, negotiations and meetings will continue to convene until settling the issue of forming alliances, stressing that the political arena will be hotly raged over forming the largest bloc in the Parliament.

Tarfi  added that the delay in announcing the final results of elections is expected and normal matter as the judges assigned to oversee the manual recount have different job compared to the HEC-affiliated judges.


He also noted that the United Nations and all international observers hailed the transparency characterized by the elections.


Tarfi  added that the unofficial data that indicate the existence of many irregularities in the elections was rumored by some parties, that failed to win parliamentary seats as was the case in previous elections.

He concluded that we can say that the current elections is one of the fairest elections since 2005 till now.

Last Modified: Monday، 30 July 2018 11:29 AM