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Video: Trump defends ICE role to protect US, slams Democrats

President Trump


US President Donald Trump has defended Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in a new video message released Saturday.


Mr. Trump has invoked the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center that killed nearly 3000 innocents.


“One of the critical lessons of 9/11 is that immigration enforcement saves lives,” Trump said in the video.


He called for enforcing the rules against visa fraud, illegal overstay, illegal entry and other immigration violations and crimes.

Mr. Trump also indicated that terrorists, drug dealers, human traffickers, gang members and others have exploited weak United States immigration laws to “threaten” the safety of American citizens.


The republican president didn't forget to slam the Democrats' attempts to abolish ICE, accusing them of seeking to have “open borders and more crime.”


“That’s what you’re gonna get, You’ll get more crime as you open up those borders,” he said.


Last week, 167 Democrats refused to vote for a resolution to support ICE that was established in 2003.

Mr. Trump hailed ICE heroes who could arrest in 2017 around 127,000 persons eother charged or convicted of crimes inside the US.


According to analysts, ICE plays a great role in thwarting the flow of terrorists into the US through the borders with Mexico. 


they added that Iran and its proxy militia, Hezbollah, smuggle terrorists into the US through the borders with Mexico. 


“Without the brave heroes of ICE, we would have no enforcement, no laws, no borders and therefore — we wouldn’t even have a country,” Trump said.

He also reiterated his nonstop support for ICE agents. “So to the courageous public servants at ICE — men and women, great ones: we want you to know that the American people are with you and my Administration has your back 100 percent,” he said. 

Last Modified: Saturday، 28 July 2018 09:34 PM