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Allawi calls for including Popular Movement in next government

Head of Al-Wataniya Coalition Ayad Allawi

Head of Al-Wataniya Coalition Ayad Allawi called for including the Popular Movement in the next Iraqi government.


In a press release, Allawi said Iraq is going through a very dangerous phase that threatens its present and future, which requires quick and firm measures that puts Iraq's interest above all other considerations and interests, as well as changing the path of the political process to ensure its comprehensiveness and quit sectarian quota system and halt exclusion.


He explained that the formation of a government like its predecessors will not be the solution, as solutions that do not address the roots of the problem have contributed and will contribute to further complicating the situation and increase the tension in a large way.


Moreover, he underlined that the alternative is to form a government that sets priorities and re-normalize the situation by taking firm decisions that take into consideration the best interest of Iraq and its security and stability.

Last Modified: Saturday، 28 July 2018 02:33 PM