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MP calls on federal court not to accept appeal against all articles of parl't law

MP of State of Law Coalition Alyaa Nasef

MP of State of Law Coalition Alyaa Nasef called on the Federal Supreme Court of Iraq to accept only the appeal filed by the government regarding the articles that have a financial aspect in the parliament of Iraq's law.


She called on the court not to support the appeal on the rest of the articles of the law that contribute to strengthening the legislative and supervisory role of the council.


In a statement, Nasef explained that the judicial institution is credited with its efficiency and is considered one of the pillars of the Iraqi state, adding that she has full confidence that the judiciary is still functional despite the crises witnessed by the country.


She underlined that she aspires in the next phase to strengthen the legislative authority and remove all obstacles that prevent it from carrying out its legislative and supervisory role.


The MP underscored that the judiciary was suffering same as the MPs while carrying out their supervisory role due to the amount of appeals filed against them by the corrupt, which prevented the MPs from performing their duties in fighting corruption.


In addition, she pointed out that the country is going through an exceptional situation that requires the solidarity of the judiciary with the legislative authority in order to strengthen the efforts to fight corruption.

Last Modified: Saturday، 28 July 2018 01:55 PM