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Six Houthi leaders among hundreds killed in al-Malahiz in Saada

Houthi terrorists

Al-Arabiya correspondent in Yemen reported on Friday evening that the Yemeni army, supported by coalition forces to support the legitimacy, succeeded in killing six Houthi leaders in the Al-Malahiz Front in Saada.

Those killed are the leader of the Houthi Abdo Jubran Ali Ghalis, the leader Mohammed Abdullah Al-Hazeq, Abed Mohammed Shubla, Mohammed Qasim Al-Shami, Abdul Majid Abdullah Alwani and the leader Dale Hussein Khammash.

Major General Abdulkarim al-Sudai, commander of the Arab Army's Arabism Brigade, told Al-Arabiya that troops had carried out several military operations on Houthi positions in the Al-Malahiz front in Saada since the beginning of last week, “continuing the process of cutting off the head of the snake.”

Al-Sudai said that his forces managed to kill hundreds of Houthi elements in the same front and destroy dozens of military equipment and vehicles with the support of the coalition.