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Researcher: Protests are Shiite uprising against Shiite politicians

A researcher in the Iraqi affairs said the protests in the southern Iraqi provinces and Baghdad express strong rejection to corrupt politicians who ruled the country after 2003.


In press statements, Professor at the University of Edinburgh Benedict Robin-D'cruz explained that the protests are considered a Shiite uprising against corrupt Shiite politicians.


D'cruz underlined that the demands of protesters are understandable, taking into consideration the deteriorated basic services and the high unemployment rates, as well as the spread of corruption in state institutions, while Iraq's oil exports more than doubled over the past decade.


A number of Iraqi cities and provinces, including Basra, Maysan, Dhi Qar, Babil, Diwaniyah, Wassit, Najaf, Muthanna and Karbala are witnessing mass demonstrations and sit-ins to protest against shortage of jobs, electricity, water and basic services.


This comes as sources said the situation in southern Iraq is getting out of control as angry protests are taking control of the provinces. Activists expressed concern the IRGC militia exploits the ongoing turmoil to spread terror and hamper oil transfers. 

Last Modified: Tuesday، 24 July 2018 01:01 PM