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Yemeni army closes in on Houthis in Saada’s Baqim district

The Yemeni National Army

The Yemeni national army backed by the Arab coalition is advancing rapidly and very close to enter Baqim district in Saada governorate, Al-Arabiya reported.


Brigadier General Yasser al-Harthy, commander of the “102nd special brigade” in the Yemeni army, told Al Arabiya news channel that “the army is surrounding Baqem District from all angles” and that little is left to end the military operation which was launched last week to retake the area.


He added that there’s only few meters left for the army to enter Baqim.


Al-Harthy also said that a state of defeat looms over the Houthi militias’ militants who are pushing child soldiers entrapped in the conflict, into the battlefields.

Last Modified: Saturday، 21 July 2018 02:38 PM