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A year later, a look at the Qatari hostage crisis: how was it exposed?

Qatar schemes to destabilize Middle East via Al Jazeera exposed

A year ago, The Baghdad Post brought to focus a fishy deal cut by the Iranian regime to rescue hunters kidnapped by Iraq. The site was the first to speak of a colossal $ 500 million ransom paid by the Qatari regime to the pro-Iran Hezbollah brigades in Iraq.
The 28 hunters had been kidnapped since 2015. According to the first report published on The Baghdad Post, terror groups and militias were involved in the case, including Quds Force, the IRGC, Nusra Front and the Lebanon-based Hezbollah militia.
A bombshell and scoop 
The Baghdad Post was the first news media to raise the issue, even before the Washington Post, which has just focused on the matter for months, depending on data included in The Baghdad Post's reporting.
But the common line between these reports was: Hamdeen Organization paid all this money to terror groups such as Nusra Front, ISIS, Hezbollah and Qassem Suleimani's IRGC in exchange for releasing the kidnapped hunters.
On April 13th, 2017, The Baghdad Post was the first site to post reports that the Qatari detainees have been released with the aid of Hezbollah brigades in Iraq.
"According to sources, who spoke to The Baghdad Post, Hezbollah militia released the Qatari detainees who were detained by the sectarian militias," the first report published on the site said.

The story began when the Shiite militias kidnapped 28 Qataris in the desert area of al-Samawa south of Baghdad on October 28th, 2015. The hunters were granted permits from the authorities to go hunting. They were kidnapped near the Saudi border.
On April 15th, information emerged from the site's top sources, leading it to extensively cover the issue.
Also, the site published an exclusive story about a jet taking off from Baghdad. The jet carried the freed hunters.
Dealing with the terrorists
The Baghdad Post managed to expose Qatar's connections with terror groups. In the report published on April 15th, the site said:"The 28-member group of hunters, including members of the Qatari royal family, were released. And the deal was cut in the past few days, with the Qatari regime and Hezbollah leading the push."
It also added that negotiations started five months before the Qatari hunters were released.
On April 18th, Iraqi premier Haider al-Abadi admitted that the kidnapped hunters had been released. He added they entered the country legally. Abadi said the Iraqi government 'exerted tremendous efforts' for the hunters to be released.
One day later, The Baghdad Post reported that a Qatari delegation is engaged in negotiations with armed groups, through government middlemen, to release those kidnapped in Iraq.

On April 21st, there were several reports on the site regarding the deal. One of these reports indicated the Qatari plane 'is still waiting at the Baghdad Airport. Soon after, sources said that the airliner will take off with the Qatari kidnapees on board.
After they were released, The Baghdad Post followed up the story, reporting that the hunters had arrived in Doha from Baghdad on April 21st.
The site also was quick to expose the Qatari offer to the militias for releasing the Qatari nationals. It noted premier Haider al-Abadi refused to hand over the money to militias, and he is trying to confiscate the huge ransom.
Another reports suggested Qatar had paid $ 1 billion for releasing its kidnapped nationals. According to our sources, Qatar paid $ 350 million in Iraq and Lebanon. 
The report added:"This issue raises many questions. The Qatari detainees were released without paying a penny to the kidnappers, while there are reports that huge Qatari money were brought in to Iraq through the airport. 
Citing these reports, commentators said the money was aimed to be handed to the terrorists to expand their activities. "ISIS, Qaeda, IMIS, Nrusra are all two sides in one coin."