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Coalition of Humanitarian Relief in Taiz: 70 casualties reported in June

Coalition of Humanitarian Relief in Taiz: 70 Casualties in June

About 40 Yemeni civilians were killed and more than 30 wounded, including women and children, by missiles fired by Houthi militias in the city of Taiz City last June.

The Coalition of Humanitarian Relief in Taiz has revealed in a report that Houthis militias continue to commit more violations in the city, killing and displacing civilians from their houses and villages.
The report indicated that 39 Iraqi families in Taiz lost their breadwinners  after they were killed during the fighting.
It also pointed out that 31 other civilians left their work after sustaining severe injuries during their war during the last June.

The report noted that six children and 17 women were killed in June, in addition to the injury of other 8 children, a woman and 13 young men due to battles and shelling

The report pointed out that 15 houses and public and private facilities were partially and completely damaged in the city by indiscriminate shelling

The Coalition of Humanitarian Relief in Taiz warned of “starvation that might lead to a prominent humanitarian disaster in Taiz especially that public employees are not being paid their salaries.”

In the same context, Staff Brigadier General Abdulrahman al-Shamsani said that the Yemeni army is fully ready to defend Taiz and liberate Yemen of militias. He added that the army is defending the nation.

The Staff Brigadier General called on the deceived individuals to get back to the right track and the pro-militias armed forces to join the national army forces and take the honor of purging the country of militias.

Last Modified: Thursday، 12 July 2018 11:01 AM