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2 protests staged against Abadi gov't negligence in Basra

Dozens of people took to the streets near al-Qarna Oilfield located northern Basra on Tuesday to protest against the lack of services and job opportunities.


This was coincided with another protest staged to condemn the killing of an Iraqi protester and injury of others in a Monday demonstration.

“Basra is facing a real electricity crisis which has compelled its citizens to go out and protest against constant electricity outages,” Zahra Hamza, a member of Basra provincial council, said.

Iraq’s infrastructure remains in poor shape despite 15 years having passed since Saddam Hussein’s authoritarian regime was toppled in 2003.


Iraq heavily suffers from the periodic interruption of drinking water, sanitation, and electricity services as politicians struggle to negotiate the formation of a new government.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 10 July 2018 04:14 PM