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Ousting Khamenei essential to build powerful Iran, says political prisoner


An Iranian political activist has reiterated calls for toppling the country's so-called supreme leader Ali Khamenei, and amending some articles of the Iranian constitution.


Speaking from his prison, Abu al-Fadl Qadaybi said, "We may fall tomorrow into the abyss of whirlpools and our ship will not be able to escape the internal and external whirlpools in the presence of this captain, who is called Khamenei, and we must isolate him for all of us to survive".


Qadaybi stressed that the main cause of economic, political, social and other problems in Iran are the corruption of the mullahs' political system, which is based on the rule of the jurist.

He noted that religious corruption is the main obstacle to structuring a productive economy in the country and encouraging investors to work in the country positively.