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MP calls for total manual recounting of votes in Kirkuk

Gorran Movement's MP Hoshyar Abdullah said that the large difference in the results of manual counting compared to electronic counting machines in Kirkuk province proved the need to manually recount all of parliamentary elections votes.


The lawmaker called on the Iraqi authorities to politically exclude any party involved in rigging the results of the Parliamentary election.

In a statement released on Sunday, Hoshyar added that the large difference in the results of manual counting of the votes in Kirkuk proves the dire need to recount the votes in total.

Abdullah pointed out that the legislative authority and democracy would be on the brink in case of approving such results without holding total manual recount of all votes.


He added that the political scene in Iraq would be headed by some militia gangs who will control the country's resources.


The MP also confirmed that these results would negatively affect Iraq's future over the short and long term in case of the failure to nip these problems in their buds.

Abdullah pointed out that the judiciary has a great opportunity to play a historic role in re-correcting the electoral process through declaring total recounting of votes, adding
that such decision will represent a full respect for the Iraqi voters, who are likely to boycott the coming elections if their confidence in the electoral process is destroyed.

Last Modified: Sunday، 08 July 2018 10:57 AM