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4 Iraqi parties reject partial recount of votes in Sulaimani

Spokesperson for the Coalition for Democracy and Justice (CDJ) Rebwar Karim, confirmed Saturday that four parties rejected the partial manual recounting of votes in Sulaimani. 


The Movement for Change Party, also known as Gorran, the CDJ, Islamic League (Komal), Islamic Union (KIU)  want all of the votes from Sulaimani manually recounted so the actual vote tallies can be revealed.

Karim added that the Federal Supreme Court of Iraq's decision to restrict the manual recount only to ballot boxes, which are appealed, was a violation of the third amendment of the electoral law.

Karim concluded that the four parties are waiting for the results of the manual recount to decide whether to boycott the political process in Iraq.


The four parties have jointly rejected the results of Iraq’s parliamentary election on May 12, claiming the election process was rigged, pointing fingers at KDP and PUK, a claim denied by both parties.


There were 3,200 polling stations in Sulaimani, where 450 complaints have been lodged, but none of the dissatisfied parties have appealed the votes at all stations.

Last Modified: Saturday، 07 July 2018 07:44 PM