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Turkmen Front calls on HEC re-count all Kirkuk's ballot boxes

Turkmen Front head, Arshad al-Salihi called on the High Electoral Commission (HEC) to manual re-count of all Kirkuk's parliamentary elections' ballot boxes.

"The results of manual re-counting of parliamentary elections' votes show a big difference compared to the electronic count, so all Kirkuk's ballot boxes must be re-counted", Salihi said.

He pointed out that the decision of the Federal Supreme Court states that the manual re-counting of votes must be done in polling stations that witnessed electoral fraud, adding that the elections results in all Kirkuk's polling stations had been rigged.

Iraqi people made their way to the poll stations On May 12 to cast their ballots in the country's first parliamentary elections since the defeat of ISIS terrorist group in December 2017.

Iraq's parliament said there are proofs that elections were rigged.