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Politician: Manual counting of votes will not solve crisis in Kirkuk

Deputy Head of the Turkmen Front Hassan Turan

Deputy Head of the Turkmen Front Hassan Turan said on Thursday that the manual counting and sorting of Parliamentary elections' votes will not solve the ballot boxes' crisis in Kirkuk province.


In press statements, Turan underlined that only 23 ballot boxes out of 500 , which appeals were filed against them, were counted within two days.



He explained that it is too early to predict any outcome so far, especially as the process is in its third day, stressing the crisis in Kirkuk will not be solved.


The Parliamentary elections was marked by record low turnout. It was the first since Iraq declared victory over the ISIS group and the fourth since the 2003 US-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein.

Last Modified: Thursday، 05 July 2018 06:47 PM