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Leaked documents prove big difference in elections results in Kirkuk

Leaked documents prove big difference in elections results in Kirkuk

A number of documents circulated on social media websites uncovered a big difference between the number of votes registered by the electronic voting machines and the manual recounting.

According to the documents, the manual recounting of ballots revealed a large difference in the votes in Kirkuk

For its part, The Iraqi Turkmen Front announced the manual recounting of 24 ballot boxes showed a 50% difference in results compared with the electronic voting machines.

The front described the big difference in elections results as 'normal' especially after directing fraud allegations to some parties.

In a statement, Ahmad Ramzi Cuperlo, the elections official at the Turkmen Front, said that the big difference in the initial results of the Parliamentary elections confirms the validity of manipulation and fraud in the Parliamentary elections results in favor of certain parties.

He added that only twenty-four ballot boxes showed these preliminary results.

"After recounting the votes of a ballot box in Daqouq district, we discovered that the number of votes, via electronic voting machines, registered 219, while after the manual recounting, the number has been declined to only 70 votes", Cuperlo pointed out.


The fraud allegations and other problems have been largely blamed on electronic voting machines, which were supposed to help count ballots more quickly.

The vote was the fourth since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, and saw the lowest voter turnout in 15 years due to widespread anger at the country's politics.


Last Modified: Wednesday، 04 July 2018 03:49 PM