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Iran targets Iraq's children by poisonous infant formula milk

NAN infant formula milk

Iran is trying to target Iraqi children by exporting NAN poisonous infant formula milk, which contains a large amount of toxic bacterial substances, according to reports by the World Health Organization.


The Lebanese government has issued a decree to withdraw the rotten Iranian milk "NAN" from the Lebanese market because it contains dangerous and toxic substances that significantly affect the health of children.



The Lebanese government has confirmed that it will impose the maximum sanctions against any merchant who imports or trades Iranian NAN poisonous milk in the Lebanese market, pointing out that it ordered the pharmaceutical inspection teams to withdraw all NAN poisonous milk in the market.


On the other hand, Iraqi citizens warned the government against allowing Iranian NAN poisonous milk, which is lethal to children, to enter the Iraqi market, holding the authorities responsible for any risk to the health of their children because of the import of this milk.

Activists wondered on social media about the role of regulators in the entry of rotten Iranian goods to the Iraqi market.



The activists stressed Iran deliberately sends poisonous milk and other rotten materials to Iraq, as it is well aware of that Iraq does not have a strict control bodies that identifies the rotten goods, especially since many of the Iranian products that are not suitable for human consumption are sold openly in shops in Palestine Street, Karrada and other areas.


Experts told The Baghdad Post that the activists sought to spread awareness of Iran's entry of large quantities of narcotics to the Iraqi market through the ports that link it with Iraq, in order to sabotage the minds of young people and destroy their future.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 04 July 2018 04:29 PM