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MP: Iraq suffered highest rate of ISIS attacks in June 2018

Iraq suffered highest rate of ISIS attacks in June 2018

According to Furat al-Tamimi, an Iraqi MP from Diyala Province MP for the province of Diyala, ISIS attacks rate in June is the highest in 2018.

In a press statement, Tamimi said that there are three areas in Diyala province require the deployment of non-traditional forces to counter the threat of ISIS terrorist group.

Tamimi added that the security situation in Diyala faces great challenges especially after the remarkable emergence of ISIS affiliated terrorist cells in several areas, resulting in the deaths of civilians and members of the security forces.

He went on to say that combating ISIS in Al-Waqf and Hamrin, in addition to the border line between Diyala and Salah al-Din areas,  also requires the deployment of extraordinary forces to confront the ISIS threat, due to the complexity of mountainous nature in these areas

It is noteworthy that the ISIS terrorist group has recently launched a series of attacks on several areas in Diyala, claiming the lives of a number of Iraqi innocents.


Last Modified: Monday، 02 July 2018 11:34 AM