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Does soleimani has 'green light' to freely roam Iraq?

It seems that the Commander of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Qassem Soleimani now has no restrictions to free roam in Iraq and do what he wants as if he is a senior Iraqi official,observers told The Baghdad Post, warning of increasing Iranian hegemony over the war-torn country.

The visit of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani to a Shiite holy shrine has sparked anger among Iraqi people, who considered it a blatant defiance to the dignity of the Iraqi state.

Analysts said Soleimani's semi-official tours were a clear violation of Iraq's sovereignty.

The terrorist Soleimani, who is running a network of militias backed by Iran, made a tour on Wednesday to inspect the stages of the ongoing work to restore and build more Shia shrines in Iraq.

Soleimani was accompanied by the leader of Iran-allied IMIS, Abu Majdi al-Muhandis and a group of IRGC leaders.

Soleimani 's semi-official tour comes amid total absence of the Iraqi government and might be deliberate ignorance for such moves that do not respect the sovereignty or dignity of Iraqis, analysts said.

Other observers called on the outgoing Prime Minister Haider Abadi to provide a clear explanation about Sulaimani's free tours in Iraq which violate all diplomatic norms.
Last Modified: Saturday، 23 June 2018 07:07 PM