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All you need to know about clashes between security forces, Hezbollah militias

Clashes erupted between Iranian-backed Hezbollah militias and security forces in near Hezbollah headquarters in Palestine Street, eastern Baghdad, a security source said.


The source explained that a man riding a bicycle was passing through a security checkpoint when security personnel stopped him and checked the license of the bicycle which turned out to be wanted by security forces.


An argument occurred between the man and the security personnel, which quickly developed into an exchange of fire after four other men riding bicycles reached the security checkpoint, the source said.


The men riding bicycles who were armed opened fire on the security personnel, wounding some of them and escaped the area, the source explained.


Security patrols spotted the men while entering Hezbollah headquarters. The men were handed over to the security forces, the source added.


Head of defense and security committee of the Iraqi parliament Hazem al-Zamili headed to the headquarters of the militia of Hezbollah in Baghdad to start negotiations for the militia to hand over terror affiliates to security forces.

According to a security source, al-Zameli visited the militia headquarters to allay tensions and for the terrorists to be turned in to security authorities.


Premier Abadi said on Wednesday in the weekly press conference that those attacked the security forces will be referred to the judiciary. 


The Iran-backed militia of Hezbollah, whose notorious leader Hassan Nasrallah said plainly in a video that had gone viral on social media that the group is fully backed by Iran, seeks to hijack the political arena through using its arsenal to suppress voters and control the outcome of the election.

Last Modified: Thursday، 21 June 2018 11:39 AM