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15 Kurdish parties register for parliamentary election

Baghdad to lift ban on telecommunications in Kurdistan

Fifteen Kurdish political parties have enrolled as they plan to run in the coming legislative elections in the region, High Electoral Commission (HEC) in the region has said.


Shorsh Hassan, director of public relations and media of HEC, said that registered for the coming poll are the main parties in the region. 


He indicated that HEC had set June 7th as the call-off date for parties to register for running in the coming elections.


As to coalitions, they should register for running the elections between 18th and 20th June. Elections will be held on September 30th. 


This comes as Bikard Talabani, secretary of Kurdistan parliament, on Tuesday announced that the parliament asked the government of the region to hold the provincial council election and parliamentary election simultaneously. 

The official was cited by the site of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) as saying:"We called on the government to hold the elections simultaneously."