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Shia militias, security services unite to make polling stations inaccessible

IMIS Militias

Iraqi voters in 19 provinces began to cast their ballots in the Parliamentary elections in which 7,376 candidates, representing 320 parties compete on 322 parliamentary seats.


At least 24 million Iraqis are entitled to vote, out of a total of 37 million, but the electoral process has been disrupted and became chaotic. The voting system in most polling stations has been disrupted to allow fraud. There are many violations of the elections were recorded.



Commentators, watchdogs and activists blasted the electoral process, asserting massive fraud is highly likely in Iraq. They cited the prevalent presence of militias across the country as well as the unstable security situation due to the terror attacks. 


Clashes occurred between Babylon party supporters and Kurdish Leader Masoud Barzani's Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) supporters, as the KDP accused Babylon observers of threatening citizens to vote for the party's candidates.


Secretary-General of Babylon Party Rayan Al Kaldani claimed that the KDP occupied areas in Nineveh and confiscated ballot boxes, as well as detaining the representatives of the High Electoral Commission (HEC), calling on the Iraqi federal government and the HEC to intervene and put an end to what he described as tyranny.

In Baghdad, activists said security forces prevented voters from crossing Saytart Al Skor area to cast their ballots in the elections, as the voters expressed their dissatisfaction and rejection to these practices.



Meanwhile, other Iraqi security source said four people were injured in two attacks by ISIS terrorists on voters in Diyala province, eastern Iraq.


The source asserted that ISIS bombed Abi Saida district with four mortar shells, two of which fell near a polling station, leaving four people injured.


Another source with inside knowledge said authorities in the city of Dahuk prevented Arabs from participating in the elections on the grounds that their names were not registered.


He explained that such practices are intended to impede voters and prevent them from exercising their legitimate right to participate in the elections.



Meanwhile, in Jarf al Sakhr area in Amiriyah Fallujah district, the residents were prevented from voting in the elections, a well-informed source said.


The source pointed out that about 6,000 residents of Jarf al-Sakhr were prevented from voting on grounds of the absence of a polling station for them.


On the other hand, an official in Kifri district in Diyala said ISIS bombed the towns of Qarah Tabbah and Jabara with mortar shells, which one of them hit a polling station.



He underscored that the villages of Al Islah, Sheikh Bawa and Ashtokan in Qarah Tabbah and Jabara were bombed with mortar shells by ISIS.


Experts told The Baghdad Post that Iranian-backed militias and Iraqi security forces prevented voters from practicing their right to vote in the election, which is suspected of being rigged for the benefit of the corrupt candidates.

Last Modified: Saturday، 12 May 2018 02:51 PM