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Iraq elections pivotal if corrupts, sectarians removed, official

Iraq's elections to be held May 12


A prominent Iraqi official has called Iraqi voters to to get rid of corrupt and sectarian parties at the Saturday parliamentary elections, Xinhua reported Friday.


Salih al-Mutlak, Iraq's former deputy prime minister, said the elections could be pivotal in Iraq's history, if Iraqi voters choose the right candidates.


About 7,000 candidates run for the elections. 

The candidate of al-Wataniyah (National) Coalition added, "I wish the Iraqi people to clean up the political process from both corrupt and sectarian politicians."

Mutlak said the change should be voting for candidates who are seen as clean-handed from corruption or killings of innocent Iraqis during the past insecure and chaotic years, by the ballot boxes.

Mutlak believed that the greatest challenge for Iraq is the extensive devastation that swept the urban areas in the Sunni provinces due to the war against ISIS militants.

"The government must guarantee people's return to their homes, and compensate them for the destruction of their properties, so they are able to bring their life back by returning to their homes, farms and factories," Mutlak said.