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Morocco says cutting ties with Iran based on 'thorough' probe


Morocco said Wednesday its decision to severe diplomatic ties with Iran came after a thorough probe of proofs and data available, the Baghdad Post reported. 


A press statement released by spokesman for Moroccan foreign ministry added that Algeria has given "scandalous support" for the Polisario Guerrillas.  


The statement added that Lebanese Hezbollah Militias had given media support to the Polisario Guerrillas. 


On Tuesday, Moroccan Foriegn Minister Nasser Bourita said his country had given new proofs of Iran-allied Hezbollah Militias' involvement in arming and training the Polisario.

Bourita revealed Morroco would close its embassy in Tehran and will expel the Iranian ambassador in Rabat.

He said that Iran and its Lebanese Shi’ite ally, Hezbollah, were supporting Polisario by training and arming its fighters, via the Iranian embassy in Algeria.

Last Modified: Sunday، 06 May 2018 04:09 PM