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Western analysts: Houthis destroy Yemen for Iran's expansionist agenda

Houthi militias


European politicians and specialists in counter-terrorism fight have confirmed that the Houthi terrorist militias are working to destroy Yemen for the mullahs' regime in Iran.


They added that the Iranian regime seeks to destabilize the whole region for its expansionist agenda.


This came during the second session of the conference of New challenges to Combat Terrorism Funding in the French capital Paris.


The conference is hosted by the Middle East Studies Center.

The French researcher Richard Labivier, who is specialized in the file of international terrorism, said that the Houthis spread terrorism in Yemen for the purpose of controlling the country.


He added they sought to spread strife between Sunnis and Shiites and divide the country into camps.


To implement this scheme, they use mercenaries from all over the world, he added. 

Last Modified: Friday، 27 April 2018 12:49 PM