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Desperate Tehran spreads rumors about Saudi-Emirati conflict over Yemen

President of Iran Hassan Rouhani
In a new attempt to sabotage the relations between Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and its ally in the region United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iran financed wide-ranged campaigns to spread rumors about conflicts between the two countries regarding the war in Yemen.

The rumors were met by fierce condemnation by UAE officials, since UAE’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Anwar al-Gargash, tweeted Wednesday that “false news against the UAE and Saudi Arabia continue to surface from Iranian sources. Such news emanate from places such as the Fars news agency or other newspapers.. Let us always corroborate the source to realize the magnitude of the corrupted campaign against us.”

The Iranian-related newspaper Al-Quds al-Araby reported this week that a Saudi-Emirati conflict resulted in the obstructed the progress of Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansour's forces against the Iranian-backed  terrorists of Houthis in Taiz city.

On the other hand, Gulf Affiars Magazine claimed that the UAE is trying to take advantage of the Yemeni army's progress, while the Iranian news agency Fars said that UAE plans to use troops from Uganda to strengthen its military operations in Yemen, which appears to be a matter of concern in Saudi Arabia; for not coordinating such a decision with it in advance.

Observers say that the Iranian attempt exposes the panic in Tehran over the Arab coalition progress in Yemen, praising the Emirati anticipating move to thwart all their attempts, by denying the claims before they spread.
Last Modified: Thursday، 19 April 2018 02:47 PM