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"Burn Iraq", Assad intelligence tells al-Qaeda operatives in leaked records

Iran pays monthly salaries for 86,000 of Syria's dictator Assad thugs

Cruel regime of Bashar Al-Assad has always been on good terms with extremist groups. This has been confirmed as intelligence leaked recently revealed that the Iran-aligned regime ordered al-Qaeda members to go on rampage in Iraq.
According to the documents, leaked from regime's intelligence records, al-Qaeda, which had close ties with the Iranian regime, an ally of Assad regime, was ordered to destroy Iraq through bombings, killings and kidnappings.
The group was also ordered to play on the sectarian heartstrings of both Sunnis and Shiites to ignite a bloody sectarian strife.
These revelations were backed up by confessions of al-Qaeda operatives who were arrested in Iraq. they said the Syrian regime financed al-Qaeda and assigned them to carrying out several terror bombings and political assassinations.
These terrorist acts included killing the leader of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution, Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim, Ashura bombings in March 2004 that killed 271 people and left hundreds of wounded and the bombing of Batha, which killed 41 and wounded 72 and targeted Shiite pilgrims.

The group also was responsible for several deadly bombings across the war-torn Iraq such as Baghdad bombings in July 2010 that killed 70 people and wounded 400 others, the bombing of the police volunteer center in Baghdad on March 8, 2009, and Baghdad bombings that took place on August 19, 2009, which killed 96 people and wounded 565 others. They targeted government buildings.
Bloodsheds were also committed by the terrorist group of al-Qaeda as part of its scheme in Iraq.
The group committed the massacre of the wedding of Dujail, where 70 people were slaughtered and thrown into the river, all of them were Shiites.
The group also carried out al-Ashar massacre, where 114 people were butchered.
The terror group had always coordinated with Assad regime when it comes to its missions in Iraq. Experts say the Syrian regime intelligence, which convinced them that they would be fighting the US forces occupying the country.
But the group changed his agenda, declaring that it aims to establish a state ruled by the Islamic Sharia.

It also attacked the political process and started to target the Iraqi police and army personnel.
The group also targeted workers of international agencies, labeling considerable part of the Iraqi people as disbelievers.
In the documents found in the Bin Laden Compound in Afghanistan, the chief of the group sent direct messages to the leaders of in Iraq, who later fell in captivity of the Syrian regime.
Assad regime, the documents indicate, sought negotiations with al-Qaeda operatives and worked to hire them for his own agenda.
The message was clear, after reaching this compromise, that the group has one mission, that is burning Iraq, in return for releasing its leaders in Syria.