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Details of deal between Iran, Qaeda to spread terrorism in Yemen

Iran has always maintained powerful ties with al-Qaeda
Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden (L) Khamenei (R)
Recent reports affirmed that Iran has made a deal with Al Qaeda to release their imprisoned terrorists in Yemen through their puppet, the Houthi militias.

The Mullah regime has instructed their puppets, Houthis, to release 18 terrorists of Al Qaeda from the Yemeni prisons, to fuel the conflict Al Bayda' city in central Yemen.

The deal, whose details were not revealed, was made to spread chaos across the country, in a last attempt to change the Yemeni political map, after the military progress made by the forces of Arab coalition.

Sources have revealed that Houthi and Al Qaeda terrorists to commit terrorist operations in Yemen, to allow Houthis to rebalance the scale before the Saudi-led coalition's progress.
The deal exposes the Iranian role in destabilizing the country, and their approach with the terrorists of Al Qaeda, and using them to achieve the Iranian evil interests in the region.

The legitimate Yemeni army made a progress in many fronts like Al Bayda' city, Ma'rib and Beihan axis over the past two days, which helped in reclaiming several territories from Houthis, while explosions experts are working on defusing the left bombs. Military sources reported heavy casualties among Houthis.

The national army, covered by the coalition's air forces, managed to liberate new territories in northwest al-Jawf Governorate, after violent clashes with the Houthi terrorists.

Observers of the situation in Yemen predicted a new wave of violence and terrorism in Yemeni cities, after executing the deal's conditions between the Mullah regime and Al Qaeda.
Last Modified: Monday، 16 April 2018 02:45 PM