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Influential candidates exploit services departments for electoral gains

Influential candidates exploit services circles for electoral gains
Candidates backed by the government are peddling their influence to exploit the government circles to gain support in the upcoming elections, informed sources told The Baghdad Post on Tuesday.

The source, who declined to be named, said that services circles in Diyala are under pressure from influential government candidates.

Exploitation of service departments by candidates is unacceptable and the higher governmental bodies should exercise their legal right to maintain the process of administrative and services work.

Earlier on Tuesday, MP Ebtisam al-Hilali exposed senior officials who use government resources in their election campaigns.

Hilali said that these officials use the government vehicles in their elections campaign and that is against the law.

She added that this also is considered exploitation and abuse of power and squandering of the government money and resources.

Hilali called on the electoral commission to intervene and use its supervision authority to provide a fair competition in the elections.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 10 April 2018 07:17 PM