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Chairman of Baghdad Post blasts Russian behavior on Syria chemical attack

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Chairman of The Baghdad Post news site Sufian Samarrai blasted the Russian behaviors in the aftermath of the Assad regime chemical attack on Duma using poisonous gases.
In a series of tweets, he blasted the Russian movements in the UNSC aimed to question the reports of the attack.
What an Irony: Russian officials probe use of chemical weapons. I challenge Russian media to air even a single footage on the crimes committed by Shiite extremists who are backed by Russians. This made Arab people hate Russia doe to irresponsible and criminal acts of Putin, he said.

خبر مضحك الخبراء الروس يجرون تحقيقا بشأن استخدام الكمياوي ! ،،، أتحدى الاعلام الروسي اذا بث مشهدا واحدا للشعب الروسي عن ما يحدث في #سوريا من قتل ومجازر يرتكبها أسلاميون شيعة متطرفون أرهابيون بدعم روسي سافل جعل كل المجتمع العربي يكره روسيا بسبب تصرفات بوتين اللامسؤولة والأجرامية

He also blasted attempts to shift blame to opposition forces on the chemical attacks.
"Russian envoy to UN says forces of his government in Syria discovered a chemical weapons site controlled by opposition, especially Jaish Al-Islam. OK. Why do Russians allowed the same opposition forces to get out of the besieged areas aboard buses if they made poisonous gases? Are Russians, Iranians fooling us?"
He also said the US and its allies will respond to the Russian-Iranian aggression on the Syrian people.

يقول المندوب الروسي لدى مجلس الأمن ان مليشيات بلاده في سوريا اكتشف موقعا للاسلحة الكميائية تابعة للمعارضة فصيل جيش الأسلام،،طيب لماذا سمحتم لنفس هذا الجيش بالخروج من المنطقة المحاصرة بباصات اذاكانوا قد صنعوا أسلحة وغازات سامة ؟؟ على من تضحك روسيا وعصابات أيران ؟#دوما #التيفور

"O Russian UN envoy…you are at liberty to say what you want. Fighter jets are on their way to Damascus. US-led coalition will hit you along with the Iranian, Iraqi and Lebanese militias."
In another tweet, he blasted the media blackout imposed on the Russian people, saying they don’t know that there is a chemical attack on the Syrians which is aided by their own country.
Russian people are suffering an utter blackouts. News media there air stories of a man who stumbled while walking! At the same time, Russian envoy at UNSC are trying to convince world chemical attacks' claims are baseless. The Russian people does not know there is such an attack. This asserts Russia is accomplice in the attack on Duma.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 10 April 2018 12:47 AM