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Kurdistan parliament to discuss budget reforms

Kurdistan Parliament
Kurdistan Region’s parliament
The Kurdistan Region’s parliament will hold a session to pass a reform bill that aims at saving the KRG more than 1 billion dinars ($840,000) monthly, a move considered as election propaganda for political rhetoric.

Iraq will hold parliamentary elections on May 12. Campaigning begins on Saturday in Iraq and Sunday in the Kurdistan Region.

Deputy speaker of the parliament Jaafar Iminiki described “competition” between the parliament blocs over the reform law as “extremely tough.”

To resolve this issue, Iminiki said, the parliament’s leadership will work to create a “consensus” among the blocs before entering the parliament hall to discuss the matter at hand.

The parliament passed a reform bill on February 27 to reform the salaries of public employees and pensioners, including cleaning the list of beneficiaries, preventing duplicate benefits and double-salary holders, and institutionalizing the pension program. 
Last Modified: Monday، 09 April 2018 02:46 PM