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Hezbollah drug cartels in Latin America target GCC states

Hezbollah drug cartels in Latin America target GCC states
Despite extremely strict laws and best efforts of law enforcement agencies, Latin American drug cartels controlled by Hezbollah continue to see GCC countries as a potential market for expanding their illicit trade of Cocaine,Johan Obdola, executive director of International Organisation for Security and Intelligence (NGO) has revealed.

In 2007, relations between Ahmadinejad, the former Iranian president, and Hugo Chavez, the late Venezuelan president, were consolidated and they agreed to get revenge on the West and the United States in a strange way. This was trafficking of large volumes of drugs into Gulf states, US and western countries, Obdola added.

This came after Chavez survived a failed coup in 2002, and since then  he has been suspicious of anything and "extremist", Obdola further said.

In the aftermath of that attempt, ties between Chavez and Cuban, Iranian counterparts  has become closer.

Ahmadinejad proposed Chavez to attack imperialist states, put a mediator between Iran and Venezuela, who was Hezbollah man in Latin America with Syrian-Lebanese origins,Tareck El Aissami.

In 2007, Aissami became overnight vice-president in charge of internal relations in Venezuela before becoming interior minister later.

At that time, the Venezuelan government had a Venezuelan drug dealer named Walid  Maqled, Who played the role of liaison between the government and drug traffickers.

In 2008, Maqled stopped responding to the demands of Chavez so he decided to exclude him, putting him in jail.

Aissami then took his place and became in charge of everything related to drug trafficking in collaboration with Nestor Redirul, director of the National Drug Control Office in Venezuela.

The US Treasury Department has placed Tareck El Aissami, Venezuela's vice president, on a specially designated sanctions list for his alleged involvement in cocaine trafficking. 

Treasury officials say Aissami controlled drug planes flying out of a Venezuelan air base. 

They also said that Aissami worked closely with the ultra-violent Zetas cartel of Mexico and with other foreign drug smuggling gangs.

Prior to the fall of Maqled, Venezuela had two major drug gangs, Cartel del Sol and Cartel Boliviarana, which was managed by Aissami after the fall of Maqled.

Drugs were exported from state ports to the world as if they were any other goods.

Obdola concluded that the presence of Hezbollah and Iran in Venezuela and Latin America in general is based on the training of drug cartels and the laundering of funds to finance terrorist attacks around the world.
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