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Jordan refuses to extradite Raghad Saddam to Iraqi government

Raghad (L) Saddam Hussein (R) - File photo
Speaker of Jordan's House of Representatives Atef Tarawneh affirmed Saturday that Jordan will not cover up for Raghad Saddam, daughter of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, if she was convicted of terrorism.

Tarawneh asserted that Saddam's existence in Jordan is legal since she doesn't violate Jordanian laws.

"Jordan doesn’t prosecute foreigner citizens, even if they violated neighboring countries' laws, we only consider the Jordanian law," Tarawneh said in a press interview, affirming that it is out of Arab principles to protect whoever asks for help, not provocation to any country. "Raghad is in Jordan to save her life," he said.

"If Raghad was convicted of terrorism, Jordan will never cover up for her," Tarawneh said when asked about her incitement of terrorism.

The parliament speaker pointed out that there are rules for her stays and she can't violate them or incite against Iraq or tried to jeopardize its security and unity.

Raghad Saddam Hussein fled from Iraq to Jordan 15 years ago, after being accused of supporting militant groups aiming at eliminate the regime that followed her father's fall after the US invasion in 2003.
Last Modified: Sunday، 08 April 2018 01:08 PM