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Iran trains 2000 Sunnis to re-constitute ISIS, fight US forces in Iraq

Iran has repeatedly built relations with al-Qaeda and ISIS terror groups


The Iranian regime is training 2000 Sunni terrorists to re-constitute ISIS terror group and fight the US forces in Iraq.

Muzahim al-Hwit, spokesman for the Arab tribes in the disputed areas, has exposed the Iranian scheme, stressing the Sunni terrorists were being trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

A statement by al-Hwit said, "We the sons of Arab tribes in the disputed areas declare we disown those Sunnis involved in the Iranian plots against the US forces".

He added that those Sunni militiamen were directly supervised by Qassim Soleimani, commander of IRGC in camps in Kirkuk, Nineveh Plain and other places.

The statement stressed that the US-led coalition had been informed of the Iranian scheme as "we appreciate their great role in ousting ISIS in Iraq".

"We are ready to confront Iranian plots against humanity..the Sunni elements involved in the Iranian scheme estimated at 2000 terrorists don't represent Sunnis, they are a part of an Iranian conspiracy," the statement read.

The Iranian plot seeks to devastate the whole region before the Iraqi elections, the statement added.

The Iraqi parliamentary and provincial elections are due to be held May 12.

Al-Hwit urged the Iraqi government to intervene to abort the Iranian hegemony in Baghdad.

Iran has deployed thousands of militants in Iraq and other Arab Arab countries to destabilize those countries and achieve Iranian expansionist schemes.