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Revealed: ISIS moves its terrorists from Salahuddin to borders of Diyala

ISIS becoming increasingly decentralized, US warns partners of threat

ISIS terrorist group started to move its terrorists from Metebeja area in Salahuddin governorate to an area near the borders of Diyala governorate, a local official in Diyala governorate on Friday.


In statements, he added that eight vehicles had moved a number of terrorists to this area, adding that the terrorist group is threatening the area and the governorate.


The official called on the authorities to give more attention to the situation in the governorate via launching military operations against these terrorists.


More Iraqi police and army personnel have been killed at the hands of the terrorists in the past period. This blows up the claims of the Iraqi government that it has terminally crushed ISIS from the violence-shattered Iraq.

Last Modified: Friday، 06 April 2018 07:04 PM