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Hamad bin Jassim ask Gulf neighbors to advise Qatar

Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani speaks during a news conference at Wajbah Palace, in Doha March 5, 2013. .
Former Qatari prime minister Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani called on Qatari leaders to step up and repair ties with the region, affirming that Qatar is in need to an advice.

Through his official Twitter account, bin Jassim said: "What we need now in our Gulf is to advise each other and try to reform the severed ties between our peoples." 

"We need," he continued, "one who will rise among us from the defeat and shame that our nation is experiencing. We are not interested in saying things just to impress others." 

He concluded his tweets by saying that Qatar's situation has come about "because of a lack of strategy and clear belief in dealing with our disputes and in outlining a desired future for generations to come."

Experts of the Qatari issue described bin Jassim's statements as a new attempt to approach the Gulf countries, who boycotted the tiny emirate last summer, over accusations of funding and supporting terrorism.

Bin Jassim has previously expressed his solidarity with Saudi Arabia, one of countries boycotted Qatar alongside Bahrain, Egypt and UAE, against the Houthi missiles attack on its territories.
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