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Masum accuses politicians of repelling investors

Fuad Masum
President Fuad Masum - File photo

President Fuad Masum attacked politicians on Thursday, blaming them for the economic recession in the country.

In press statements on Thursday, the president accused the politicians of repelling investments by accusing each other of corruption and stealing, which resulted in scaring investors and made them refrain from pouring money into Iraq.

"There are necessary legislation to run the state, and yet not considered by the parliament until now," Masum said, in an indication to the inaction of the lawmakers in developing the country and reviving the economy.

"The investor reads the Iraqi politicians' statements and their accusations to each other of corruption and stealing and wonder: why would I entangle myself?!" Masum explained.


Worthy to mention that the international conference to construct Iraq held in Kuwait in February hasn't succeed in bringing the desired investments, however, it was attended by hundreds of businessmen and companies' representatives from all over the world.

Last Modified: Thursday، 05 April 2018 11:22 AM