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Imminent clashes most likely bet. Peshmerga, federal forces in Kirkuk

Iraqi and Peshmerga forces
Peshmerga forces - File photo

Fresh clashes are expected to break out between the Peshmerga forces and the federal forces in southern Kirkuk, security officials warned Monday.

Reda Kawthar, Head of the security commission of Tuz Khurmatu, said that the Peshmerga forces opened fire at the federal forces once they exceeded the blue line that splits the government territories and the region.


Kawthar added that this thwarted a military campaign against ISIS terrorists.

Kawthar said in press statements:"The military campaign that was thwarted consisted of 52 brigades of the Turkmen mobilization, a brigade of the federal police and a brigade of the army.

"An imminent clash could break out between the two forces, before the federal forces decides to retreat and abort the mission," he added. 

Last Modified: Monday، 02 April 2018 01:46 PM