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Candidates exploit Basra residents' poverty to gain votes

File: An Iraqi woman prepares to cast her voting ballot into one of the bins after filling it out at
Candidates for the coming parliamentary election are manipulating the poverty of Basra to gain their votes, Basra MP in the parliament Mohamed al-Ta'ey stated Saturday.

The candidates distribute food and pave the roads in order to sway voters, al-Ta'ey said, calling on the citizens to not sell their votes.

"About 30 percent of Basra residents are below the poverty line, this could be easily used by forger candidates," al-Ta'ey added.

The Iraqi Higher Election Commission (IHEC) warned Friday from forging the elections by buying the electoral cards, saying that the penalty could reach 15-year imprisonment.

 IHEC spokesperson Karim al-Tamimi stated that the commission has taken strict steps to secure fair, transparent elections by issuing penalties against violators, such as withdrawing the permits of candidates and political coalitions and parties that proved to be involved in voting forgery, and to be referred to the court to be tried.

"The penalty of buying or selling the electoral card could reach spending 15 years in prison," al-Tamimi added.

Iraq is anticipating parliamentary election on May 12.
Last Modified: Saturday، 31 March 2018 02:20 PM