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Qatari opposition says security will prevail after fall of Tamim regime

Qatar's Tamim
Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani - File photo
The Qatari opposition slammed the security strategy for the upcoming 4 years claimed by the so-called Hamadeen organization, saying it is just "fake slogans" to cover its security failure.

In series of tweets on the official Twitter account on Saturday, the Qatari opposition questioned the efficiency of the plan to eradicate crimes in Qatar, denouncing the deteriorated conditions in the country, especially after the crimes witnessed in Doha.

"The last year witnessed brutal crimes inside and outside Doha, where peaceful citizens were terrorized inside their houses and their precious belongings have been stolen," the tweets read.

The opposition revealed that there are plenty of unresolved cases, where perpetrators  are still unknown.

"We promise the Qatari people that security and peace will be spread after the fall of the prince of darkness [Tamim] and his entourage," the tweets added.
Last Modified: Saturday، 31 March 2018 12:59 PM