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Bin Salman says creating Shiite Crescent is Iran's ultimate goal

Crown Prince Of Saudi Arabia Mohammad Bin Salman speaks during a bilateral meeting with U.S. Secreta
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman called on the United States to maintain a presence in Syria, to limit the expand hopes of Iran in the region.

The CP's comments are in response to the latest remarks of President Donald Trump that American forces will be pulled from the war-torn country in the near future.

“We believe American troops should stay for at least the mid-term, if not the long-term,” he told the TIME Magazine on Thursday in an interview.

The 32-year-old CP who is midway through a multi-city tour in the United States, said the American troop presence inside Syria is the last effort stopping Iran from continuing to expand influence with regional allies. He also pointed out that the US forces inside the country allows Washington to have a say in Syria’s future.

Iran runs proxy war in Syria through its militias and regional allies, which allows it to establish an overland supply route that leads from Beirut through Syria and Iraq to Tehran, Bin Salman said, pointing out to the so-called “Shiite Crescent” that would give Iran a greater foothold in a tumultuous region through a string of allies.

“If you take those troops out from east Syria, you will lose that checkpoint,” bin Salman said. “And this corridor could create a lot of things in the region.”

Trump’s recent appointment of John Bolton, who has been an outspoken critic of Iran’s regional dominance, as National Security Adviser may re-shape American foreign policy toward Tehran.

Bin Salman stated that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is not likely to be ousted from power. He said he hopes that Assad will not become a “puppet” for Tehran.

“Bashar is staying,” he said. “But I believe that Bashar’s interests is not to let the Iranians do whatever they want they want to do.”
Last Modified: Saturday، 31 March 2018 12:22 PM