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Sectarian remarks of Shia cleric spark outrage in Iraq

Sectarian remarks for Shia cleric spark Iraqis outrage
Remarks of Iraqi Shia cleric have sparked outrage as he urged voters in upcoming elections to vote for Shia candidates or to boycott elections.

In televised comments, the member of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Hassan al-Zamli claimed that US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE are seeking to end Shia rule in Iraq via elections.

Sunnis, Kurds accused Shia officials of corruption to defame Shia figures, Zamli claimed.

Several Iraqi activists on social media rejected Zamli sectarian remarks ahead of elections, planned to be held on May 12.

On Saturday prominent Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr called for a UN supervision on the upcoming elections.


Last Modified: Monday، 26 March 2018 08:53 PM