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Saudi official tells Qatari minister: Riyadh gave you chances to end crisis

Saud al-Qahtani
Adviser at the Saudi Arabia's royal court Saud al-Qahtani, responded on Friday to tweets made by the former prime minister of Qatar, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber al-Thani, for criticizing Riyadh and the Gulf Cooperation Council, according to Al-Arabiya.
In his tweet, Qahtani said that the only solution to Qatar’s problem is through cooperation with Riyadh. He said: “There is no solution except through Riyadh, no matter what you try. You know that no one in the world can impose anything on it. It is the Riyadh that you made a promise to in 2013 and a binding promise to in 2014 in front of the world, but you broke your promise.”
Qahtani also mentioned the leaked recordings that revealed Doha’s conspiracy against Saudi Arabia, saying: “This is the Riyadh,  whose foreign minister and prime minister were not heard by the world in a recording saying that they were conspiring against it with Israel.”
He continued saying: “This is the Riyadh that did not embed terrorist cells and organizations in your country or other neighboring countries. The Riyadh, that forgave you for conspiring with Qaddafi, for funding its opposition and for spending your billions on establishing media platforms against it.”
Qahtani noted that Saudi Arabia gave the Qataris several opportunities, however they missed them. He said: “Riyadh gave you opportunity after opportunity, until you took it’s patience for granted.
“This is the Riyadh which did not support terror groups in Egypt, Libya and other places. The Riyadh, which did not backstab its ally in Yemen. The Riyadh which you angered, so taste the wrath of its anger. Riyadh has other matters to attend to and you are not one of its priorities,” he added.